1. Bintan Brzee Beach (Bintan Island) take 45 min by ferry boat from Singapore see video
  2. Welcome to Bintan Brzee Beach see video
  3. Paradise found on Bintan Island see video
  4. Bintan resorts ferry. How to travel from the ferry terminal Tanah Merah Harbour
    Singapore to Lagoi. A trip of 45 to 55 minutes see video
  5. Things To Do That You’ll Never Believe Possible see video
  6. Bintan from the sky see video
  7. Digital Tour of Treasure Bay Bintan se video
  8. See Tanjung Pinang city from sky  just 90 minutes by car from Bintan Brzee Beach see video
  9. See Tanjung Pinang city from the abowe and beyond
    around harbor area
    (Taman Kota Tepi Laut – Tanjungpinang ) and shopping center see video
  10. The white sand mountain named Ice Cream in Bintan
    just 45 min by car from Bintan Brzee Beach see video 1  see video 2
  11. Places to visit like fish restaurant at lagoi, beautiful beaches at lagoi and trikora beach ,
    large swimming pool at lagoi area and golf area see video
  12. How to take Singapore MRT see video
  13. Lagoi Beach Village, Lagoi Bay Development. Designed by wellknown
    Indonesian architects it is meant to have a strong Indonesian feel with contemporary surroundings.
    The pedestrian mall stretches from the lake, sloping ever so gently towards the sea.
    Excellent investment opportunity for small boutique hotels, beach bars, retail stores and spas see video
  14. Diving to see the clown fish see video
  15. Snorkeling at Bintan to se the clown fish see video
  16. 10 Top Tourist Attractions in Singapore see video